Indias Very first Denim Brand--numero Uno

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Inside the year 1987 the Numero Uno brand was established in India. This brand is recognized for manufacturing indigenous jeans. In the year 1996, the brand expanded its presence about the nation in each of the cosmopolitan cities. However, today, the brand is very popular in each cosmopolitan as well as suburban cities. With Marc Robinson and Laxmi Menon, this brand launched their trendy and classy campaign. Since the launch, the company has never looked back. The brand just enhanced and extended its network with consumer reliability. The brand has attained a substantial market place share and started obtaining acknowledged for their higher quality and innovative designs in merchandise manufactured by the firm. Moreover, in a really quick span of time, the brand became well-liked in around the world.
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In addition to this, the business joined hands using a Spanish firm as well as came out having a new brand Espania, within the year 2000. The complete item portfolio involves denims, shirts, T-shirts, shorts, footwear, flip-flops, sneakers, slippers, sandals, belts, wallets, tunics, tops, and a lot of other accessories for both men as well as women. Numero Uno shirts with check and stripes are very well-known amongst teenagers and young males. The company also manufactures trendy denim and classy linen shirts. Numero Uno footwear and shirts are exclusively accessible at different on-line shops. Numero Uno Flip flops for Males come on different types, shades, and styles. The sports wears offered by this brand are really common among sports enthusiasts. The style apparel and accessories presented by this brand are very popular among all genders at the same time as age groups.

Considering that its foundation, the firm has produced every effort to provide the very best outfits towards the style freaks. The brand has got identified with a number of esteemed accordance and awards. In the year 2006, the business was awarded DFU Publication for the excellence in retail efficiency, and became the power brand. In the year 2006, the company has won Apex Award 2006 and became the brand of the year for mens casual put on. Moreover, the company has won Apex Award in the year 2008 and became the brand in the year for mens casual wear too as womens casual wear. Star Brand India 2010-11, Indias most Impactful Brand chosen by the Indian customer. The brand has also awarded as the most promising brand for the year 2010-2011

In todays fashion planet, when everything is just a click away, even Numero Uno merchandiser, footwear as well as other fashion accessories are also obtainable just a click away. Because of a alter in the life-style, increasingly more individuals are acquiring on the internet, just get goods and fashion essentials on the web as they dont have time to go out to the shops. Fashion brands know this truth, and that is certainly why, they showcase their exclusive collection online, for buying enthusiasts.